A Young Man's Journey
Healing for Young Men with Unwanted Homosexual Feelings
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“In a unique style of autobiography and in a workbook format, Floyd Godfrey speaks directly to teenage boys with unwanted same-sex attractions.  In so doing, Floyd has made a special contribution to the ex-gay movement in an immediate and personal style that resonates with the sentiments and subjective experiences of these young men.”
           --Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., Psychologist

"A wonderful, interactive book for adolescents experiencing homosexual feelings and their families, ecclesiastical leaders, and professionals seeking to assist this often-neglected population. Highly recommended!"
           --David Clarke Pruden, M.S., Adjunct Faculty, Utah State University

“A Young Man’s Journey by psychotherapist Floyd Godfrey is brilliant. He captures the essential components that may lead a young man to experience same-sex attraction, and provides simple and practical tools to achieve healing and fulfillment of one’s heterosexual potential. This is an invaluable resource for all therapists, ministry leaders, and mentors who assist young men on their journey into manhood.”
           --Richard Cohen, M.A., Director - International Healing Foundation

“A totally unique book which fills a void in the literature. Written with clarity and simplicity, it is directed toward teenagers of any faith or no faith.  Although principally written for teenagers, this compassionate and insightful book should be read by clergy, parents, school officials, and therapists. It not only provides a valuable testimony of the author's personal courage in overcoming his own same-sex attractions, but it provides helpful teachings and self-help exercises that enable someone to understand the basic scientific truths concerning the causes and healing strategies of homosexual ideation - views that are too often ignored in today's cultural climate. This book masterfully contradicts the prevailing politically correct views about homosexuality.”
           --Arthur Goldberg, President PATH, and Co-Director, JONAH

“This is a book of hope. It gives insight and provides the resources needed to make change a reality. Over the last year I've had the privilege of witnessing the author utilize this workbook and have seen lives change and families healed. Its style, candor and genuine helpfulness make this book unique and a must read for those wanting to understand ssa.”
           --Randy Thomas, Pastor, Mission Community Church

“This book is a potentially life-saving resource for young men who may feel lost, alone, and desperate for hope due to confusion over their unwanted same-sex attractions.  It covers all the key issues surrounding SSA in a frank, candid, compassionate, and straightforward manner.  It’s no stretch to say that if I’d had this book when I was 16 or 17, it could have saved me from nearly 20 years of pain, mistakes, and looking for answers in all the wrong places.  Thank you Floyd!”
           --Rich Wyler, Founder and Director – People Can Change

“Floyd has created a practical guide for teenage boys and young men who struggle with unwanted same sex attraction.  He has used his personal story and professional experience to encourage and guide young men through a journey that is both emotional and spiritual.  I would highly recommend this workbook to any therapist working with teenagers and young adults.”
           --John C Hinson, Adjunct professor, Arizona Christian University
"The author, gracious and honest enough to share his own development and healing, has created a safe resource for which young men can understand him, and subsequently themselves, through a provoking "working-through" process. This is a very powerful, practical book and something I would trust as reliably helpful to young men who really need it, and to those who want to help them."   
           --James E. Phelan, LCSW, BCD, Psy.D, Psychotherapist

“A wonderful resource for boys who are struggling with same-sex attraction.  For many years I have been working with men and boys, helping them to find hope and healing from their homosexual attractions.  I wish this resource was available a decade ago.  Contentious debate about homosexuality too often takes the place of actually caring for the needs of our youth.  This book provides personal and practical help for boys who desire to understand and deal with their unwanted same-sex attractions.”
           -- Dr. Jeff Winter, Chairman, OnebyOne and PCUSA Pastor

“This book is great and will give ministry leaders a valuable tool to use for a group program.  Young Man's Journey is a great resource for both young men and mature homosexual adults. The journal asks questions that deal with both past and present feelings. A plan for healing that is simple to follow and walks the struggler through the process of change.”
           --Regina Griggs, Executive Director PFOX

“Very impressive!  I’m sure this book will help many young men.  I absolutely endorse this book.”
           --Linda Harvey, Mission America Radio, WRFD 880 AM Columbus

A Young Man's Journey - Healing for Young Men with Unwanted Homosexual Feelings
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